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Madison Bumgarner - Woman Perspective post

And a new Woman Perspective post is underway!

And for the photo you should know for sure by now, if the title was not enough, that today I'm talking about mister Bumgarner.

2011 Topps Opening Day #201

In my oldest card of Bumgarner, which as you can see is just from 2011, he's featured without one thing that makes him what he is (a gorgeous man if you haven't figure it out already): the beard!

I know that this photo is probably (like 100%) from 2010.

But look at that baby face.

It's not strange that he tried to look a bit more mature and respectful letting grow the beard.

I know that there is something going on in the Giants clubhouse about beards, but besides the Madison beard I only like Pence's beard too.

Beard enough my boys!

2012 Topps Series One #103
The next card I have is with one photo where Bumgarner appears with his trademark.

At least for me.

Long arms.

Look at those loooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg arms!

And the look over the shoulder is lightning strike for me.

He manage to face almost every single cardinal points with his body.

He knows how to rotate...

And pictures don't make me lie.

This one from yesterday Memorial Day game against A's proves it once more.

It's like ballet!

Madison seems to be dancing with the glove and the ball and the mound and the batter and the catcher and...Do you care to dance with me too?


2012 Topps Archives #15

And to be a bit different, from 2012 Topps sets too, I got this beautiful Bumgarner card from Archives.

We have the rotation routine and a close up.

Give me more close ups that I'm happy!

Even this year Heritage close up!

And this photo reminds me too of an old school friend...

I haven't yet had the opportunity to buy some Heritage this year but I'll be looking at least for this card.

And to end my perspective over Bumgarner I show my last card of him, right from the 2013 Series One.

2013 Topps Series One #256

We end with the ballet routine from an other angle.

But who cares about which angle it is? I don't for sure.

Feel the softness, the gentleness, the tenderness that Madison inspire.

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