sexta-feira, 31 de maio de 2013

LEGO minifigures - First Series 10 packs

As I said in previous post, I'm showing my first Series 10 packs.

It's fun that LEGO is from Denmark but their products arrive first in USA than in some European countries.

Yep, is the end of the world feeling.

But they arrived! That's all that matters.

And here are the results.

“I’ll be jumping any second now. Yup, any second now.”

Look who's scarred! The Skydiver!

That is a nice touch that someone doing skydiving for the first time would probably feel.

But at least he has a parachute bag. Will it open?

“For the glory of Rome!”

I got two Roman Commander but soon enough I got someone to take care of the duplicated figure.

Even if I don't mind getting more of this.

I want to build a great Rome Empire Army!

“Everything was better back in my day!”

The least interesting figure is the Grandpa.

Sorry all grandpas in the world but as a minifigure to collect is simply boring.

“Surrender or taste defeat!”

To make the Rome army tremble a bit here it is the one and only Warrior Woman!

I know they are from different times but in LEGO everything is possible.

That spear is huge. But the shield is awesome with the eagle.

“I got it! I got it!”

And for last I saved the best.

I got the Baseball Fielder in my first packs! I thought I'd be desperate seeking for it but no.

I think he looks better with the cap turn backwards. But only because he looks less mean.

And yes, the glove is the hand itself. Shame there is no baseball.

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