terça-feira, 28 de maio de 2013

LEGO - more minifigures from Series 9

I got more Series 9 packs and here what I got.

“I wonder if I should have turned at Easter Island…”

I got the Mermaid to make some company to my Ocean King.

Until now I didn't find any little mermaids swimming around them.

“Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it without all of you!”

And look what I also got! Finally I got the Hollywood Starlet that for me is Marilyn Monroe and don't need to talk more about it.

The little Oscar is quite cute.

“I’ve got my eye on you.”
And since I haven't shown yet the Cyclops I'm showing it now. I already had one but I don't mind getting other.

It's not possible to see in the photo but the head has two different eyes in each side. The thing is that with the 'horn hat' it hides the difference between them a bit.

I already have some packs from the Series 10 that I'll post later. Keep tuned.

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