quinta-feira, 30 de maio de 2013

What makes your day?

Well, to me is that everything at work is ok, that the family is fine, and that a fellow blogger not only get the package I sent but he also like it!

I recently found that Bob at the The Five Tool Collector (and also the '59 topps: one f/g card at a time) had some Portuguese family.

Portugal is a small country (and we tend to make it even smaller!) and discovering that a fellow blogger from the other side of the Ocean have something related to us here is quite cool.

A couple of weeks ago I sent him my very first gift pack full of what I could get in my collection that he might like.

I was just reading right now my blogs list and when I got to Bob's blog I got this big smile in my face.

It's not that I wanted to feature in some fellow blogger post to show off.

It's simply because, like Bob said, it's the friendship you get.

So today I'm happy for that. And this was for sure just the first gift package I sent.

2 comentários:

  1. congrats on your first "trade".

    it's fun for sure. unfortunately postage gets expensive sometimes... you have to take it easy.

  2. Hello there Captain.
    I know for sure it's not a thing to do every week. Even more if, like me, I'm not in the US. Paying international shipment is expensive..

    But it's a nice thing to do.