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Online collection

I've already stated before in the blog how I keep track of my cards. I even started to do a little program to store the info in a database but then there are always something else to do and it got pushed to the side.

So since I have my handy document with all the cards in my collection listed in my computer I've tried to discover if I could store it online in a more dynamic way.

And so I found Zistle.

It's a great site, made by and for collectors. Everyone can improve it. And a strong community is half the way to a great and supported site.

But then Zistle seemed to be on a hiatus and I discovered The Trading Card Database (

It's a great site too with a huge database. Not only for sports cards but for other types of cards.

It's also dynamic and the couple of times I contacted them with questions or some problems they promptly answered me and solved it.

It is also very easy to keep track of my collection with the print option.

Awesome if you ask!

You can print ether the missing cards checklist for a specific set or the checklist for the cards you have.

You also have the collection history to see how much cards you added to the collection and the worth of it.

Yes, there is the price feature too. Besides calculating the percentage of completed collections for specific set it gives you the info for how much it worths. I think they cross-check the prices in eBay, Beckett and amazon.

What I like very much is the Statistics feature. It lets you know what team you have more cards, which player tops your collection. And many more stuff.

It's good and it's free.

I know Zistle came back full force and after filling my collection on tradingcarddb I'll go back and continue doing the same on Zistle.

If you haven't already try it.

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