quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 9)

Last package was really fun lets see this one.

To start there's a smile.

Todd Helton soooooooooooooooooooooo young!

Again it's like a RC but it's a common SQ card...Todd deserved to feature in on of those uncommon and rare SQ versions.

I've seen this card before...But great cards are always nice to get. And it's also a possible trade card.

I've stated my appreciation of Scott Karl card I got in the previous pack but I think Shawn Estes wins all!

I know Karl had a swing and here Estes is bunting.

Btu the thing is that pitchers at the plate is what we usually see, but a pitcher at the cage practicing!?

It's my first!

I always get goosebumps watching this photos where you see the jelly arm a professional pitcher has.

I'm getting more and more positive I like this UD league leaders cards that Topps.

This pack bring a couple of good cards.

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  1. Nice action shots... especially on those two Giants cards.

    1. I always imagine what would be of the hobby if UD could play again. With a license should be easier to get this action shots back.