sexta-feira, 25 de abril de 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 16)

I didn't know about this Angels uniform but I like it!

Tim Salmon managed to win the AL Rookie award and the AL comeback award.

I've seen players going with the hands to front and with feet to the front when 'sliding' to the base.

But with the 'back-end' it's the first time (even if this card is a dup...)

Silver time with Gary Sheffield.

It's cool to have cards with players during warm up.

Usually the jackets are a thing to forget but that's ok.

A new meaning to 'I have your back!'.

A card can be a great for lots of meanings and this one is great because of both double plays in the photos.

And now what is this?...

It's my first Evolution Revolution insert!

Johnny Damon was important to the Yankees back in '09 when we won the WS so I like it it was my first 'shirt'!

Now lets try and open it without damaging it...I usually have bad luck in these cases...

Wow! I managed to open it without great damage!

And I was thinking it was not that cool that the card had the away jersey but opening it and turning it around it's the home jersey!

Still I'd prefer to have the home jersey to the outside.

And inside has some player trivia without states.

Could have a different photo but that's ok.

So, only by this pack would be the best so far. Adding a couple of base cards with great photos and the silver Sheffield and yes. This is the best pack so far!

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  1. Here is a great card for you, Ana. It is not exactly dust, but I think it is right up your alley :)

    1. Eheh That's one sweet not-so-much-dust-but-more-dirt card ;)