terça-feira, 22 de abril de 2014

Benfica Campeão Nacional 2013-2014

This past week was a week to remember.

My beloved Benfica, on last Wednesday,  won the semi-final against FC Porto and won the pass to the Portuguese Cup final (second most  important competition after the Championship).

We played almost all game with 10 against 11 but in the end we won with a rage goal!

But if it was not enough to our hearts on Sunday we played for the Championship, and with two more games to go, we won and could already celebrate the new title of Champions!

We had a rough end of season  last year, because we could win 3 or 4 competitions but in the end...we ended up with no title.

But this year we are back to being able to win 4 competitions but we have one already! And I don't care what others may say but winning the Championship and wearing the 'quinas' in the shirt as the regnant champ is the best!

They say we, Benfica fans are around 6 millions and by the photos and videos from Portugal and around the globe we could see we are even more than that!

As usual, the fans went to Marques de Pombal square to party all night long.

The team took almost 4 hours to make a few kilometers from the Stadium to the square.

Here they talked about 100 thousands in the streets but then I saw ESPN reporting around 500 thousands!

Sure we are a lot of happy fans.

We are now the team with most National Championships victories (more than Real Madrid, for example).

O Campeão Voltou! (The Champion is back)

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  1. Sweet!! Ana, are you part of that crazy crowd scene?

    1. Unfortunately I wasn't at Lisbon at the time but watched it all night long on TV.
      But when Benfica wins, it doesn't matter how far we are, we feel it the same way ;)