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1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 14)

You cannot go without mentioning Pedro Martinez.

I was able to see his 'last tribute' time and understood how such a good pitcher he was.

So it's always cool to get a card from his early years (kind of but only because he played for almost 20 years!).

I had a card from the '90 UD set with a player with a football but it was a bit hidden by the design.

But here...oh boy! You have the football as main character as mister Bottalico!

You are not seeing triple even if they almost have the same stance but sure are seeing double for Kevin Foster card.

But that vintage/retro/old school Cubs uniform makes me forget (once more) how bad enough is getting dups even more if they are in the same pack!

But the better part of these cards are not the front...look at these backs!

Prieto is catching a ball just hit to the mound. It's one of those situations that sometimes goes the wrong way and the pitcher gets hit, but when the ball goes bouncing back at them just to flip it to 1B. Cool!

And Foster is hitting. But with a swing! No bunting no sir!

A silver card is always welcome but I like Smoltz so it's like a hit to me!

But Smoltz has to share his spotlight with some dust.

Coomer card for a vertical card is terrific but if it was horizontal we could see more of that little 'mound' on top of the base.

And I end the pack with two Top of the Charts.

A very nice pack!

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