Thursday, 11 October 2018

50 Cities of the World #31 Hong Kong

Lets visit an other great city of the world.

Today we stop at Hong Kong.

And you can see in the card picture the western construction on the riverbank.

Because as stated in the card back, Hong Kong used to be a British colony, returned to China back in 1997.

It has a special statute that makes Hong Kong a Special Administrative Region and not quite a part of China like the rest.

But one thing didn't change. The importance of Hong Kong location. It's "one of the most significant financial centres and trade ports in the world".

Like previous city Pekin, search for Hong Kong skyline and you'll be overwhelmed...

Visit Hong Kong's wiki page here.


  1. Beautiful place. A bit too crowded for my taste. The Bay Area has way too many people too (roughly the same population as Hong Kong), but it's about 6 to 7x larger in area.

    1. It's like..I cannot even put into words the density of bodys all around you lol
      I think Macau is a bit less crowded. But it's a bit different style.