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Fashion Week - Glasses in '83 Fleer

I got two '83 Fleer rack packs with 3 packs each.

I got sooooooooooooooooo in love with this set!


Because the '80s were the thing!

The design is simple and without a exquisite colour border but it does the thing.

And there are two photos in the card! I'll show that in a future post.

But the front photo is what matters. Specialy if you have the '80s style all over it!

So lets start with a fashion week, sort of, for the cards I got.

And first of all I have to show the glasses-men!

Mister Porter is the first card and probably the best glasses!

They almost make impossible to wear the cap!

Bernard uses the glasses quite right but that beard is fighting to have the spotlight!

He will be modeling for the beard show day in this fantastic fashion week too.

Can I call him Yogi Bear?

Dan Ford is balacing the glasses just like the cap.

Those glasses if they were satelites would get more than 100 tv channels!

It's almost like the ears also needed glasses!

Lansford seems sad. But I don't think it's because of the glasses but because of the mustache.

But to throw a ball from 3B to put out someone at 1B across the diamond requires a good 'vision'.

Bob Watson is throwing style all over the place.

Using glasses is not for kids! It's for cool boys playing baseball!

Rudy May is the most happy glasses in the lineup.

McLaughlin even puts the cap higher just to show off the glasses.

A pitcher needs more than glasses to hit the strike zone. Sometimes a telescope would be better. But looking at Joey's model I think it's incorporated.

Cowens has the most 'undercover' glasses. So I'll call him the Glasses Bond of the lineup.

Tom Hume looks just like the nerd in all of the cards I got.

He's the only one with dark glasses. It makes him look like a little mouse.

But he's my favourite just because of all that.

Ron Davis looks like the surf-glasses-boy in the lineup.

He's the one looking ready to give autographs and posing with female fans for photos showing like crazy those huge glasses.

But all with grand style.

So the first day in the '83 Fleer fashion week is over.

(It's fun that all cards I posted are of players from different teams.)

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