terça-feira, 11 de junho de 2013

Fashion Week - Backstage in '83 Fleer

And I'm closing the first fashion week in my blog.

We had glasses, we had bats and we had gloves.

Today we finish with the backstage.

A smiley Frank White.

Gantner was on the field to hit the run way with the bat but it was cut off.

Bonner as well. But what puzzles me about Bonner is this...

Don't tell me that the cap is the guilty one!?

Corbett was having fun at the dugout with those fluffy pillows.

With Max Venable.

Nahorodny was there too.

Carmelo Castillo seems ready to prank Nahorodny.

Ernie Whitt were tired of making the photosynthesis and joined the others in the dugout stairs.

Curtis decided to watch the runaway from near the stands.

Vida Blue too even if he choose stands without people.

Washington thinks that everyone else are too green in this fashion shows.

Brett Butler ate something weird at lunch.

Chambliss is watching.

While Mahler is making some 'magic' to the baseballs to prank the colleagues.

Shush! Don't tell anyone!

Dale Murphy was caught by the press and tries to get out of there flashing his smile.

Bystrom does the opposite and flashes a straight face.

Ed Farmer is more polite.

 LaMarr Hoyt suffers from terrible cold. That's the only reason for the jacket.

See Hoyt, Milbourne has the face of someone that is suffering from the heat.

Dilone simply doesn't know where he is.

Mayberry is thinking that everyone else is sooooo amateur that he should have been consulted to decide who would hit the runway.

Guidry is a fan favourite so he's with them.

Rozema is sitting to catch the foul balls that Mahler is preparing.

Tim Raines was hit by one of those baseball and needs to lean over the fence.

Rick Sutcliffe thinks they are all children.

Mike Heath is playing to keep warm.

Dave McKay is trying to cameo between the landscape.

Henderson is playing with Heath.

Bailor is sad that he cannot cameo so well as McKay with the wall behind him.

Gardenhire is giving autographs like there is no tomorrow.

(And by the Hollywood films there might not be!)

Cedeño is yet to understand what is a runway.

Little is teaching how to hit the runway with the mustache.

And Tom Brunansky is suddenly paying very attention to it.

And finally we have Rafael Landestoy that came here thinking he would assist a Cricket game.

And this is the end of the first fashion week.

I'm on vacations so I won't be posting so frequently. But will be preparing future shows for sure.

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  1. Hi there BaseSet.
    Yep, umpires have a tough job when they have to wear those jackets under a sunny day sometimes.
    I don't have umpire cards but I know there are a couple of them in some old sets.

  2. Lots of old-time Dodger Stadium backgrounds in today's fashion show.

    1. and...I invite you to check out my blog here:


      You can see some pics from today's Dodger Stadium fashion. :)