quinta-feira, 6 de junho de 2013

Fashion Week - Glove style in '83 Fleer

And here I am, back to an other fashion day.

Today is gloves time to hit the runway!

Ed Romero uses a glove under the glove.

Stoddard shows the glove and also a towel.

All sweat my friends.

Virgil dressed his best catcher uniform to show his catcher glove.

Jerry Reuss shows how a pitcher wears his glove.

LaPoint follows behind.

And Fowlkes doesn't want to be the last.

Laskey thank god doesn't wear a glove with the same colour as the shirt.

Morris is waiting for his turn but already with his glove.

Parrish I don't know if he's already living and packed his glove.

And who's the one trying to enter the runway!?

Rucker is one more to left the index finger out of the glove.

Jerry Ujdur has a glove more like a catcher than like a pitcher.

I didn't know that the Padres used to have a uniform with German flag on the sleeves.

Ahhh but yes! There is the glove!

Erickson is ready to get a start role.

But that glove looks more like a IF glove than a pitcher.

Rawley has one of those gloves too.

I think I need to update my view over the kinds of gloves the players use by their position on the field.

Glad I put a lot of fences around the runway or where would they lean over?

Ashby shows a catcher stand without the protections.

Pujols we know catchers have a bigger glove but that should not be allowed.

Bird and his black glove.

Followed by Ripley.

Dent is a fans favourite and is already signing autographs to people on the stands.

And never leaving his glove behind.

Berenyi didn't like Dent's style so he's throwing the ball to his head.

Hume is again in this runway.

His glove seems like those we use for winter with a string to use around our wrist to never loose them.

Mirabella is not a man of these fashion things that's why that face.

Davis is a comebacker too and he's enjoying the runway like the other day.

Felton wears his glove with pride.

Laudner being a true catcher insisted that he would only hit the runway if we make it look like a game.

And Viola cried he wanted to come too but I had to ask his parents.

He's still changing his teeth you know.

But he really wanted to show his glove.

5 comentários:

  1. I own a game worn Tim Stoddard road jersey tagged for use in the 1982 season. Which means it could very well be the one he's wearing on his '83 Fleer. Just thought you'd like to know. LOL

  2. Oh my. But it is not sweaty since he used it I hope ;)

  3. German flag on the sleeves! I never thought of that.

  4. And probably Orioles remind me of the Neatherland flag. I think there are more. Specialy if you look not only to the sleeves but also to the 'belt'.

  5. Funny and witty comentarios.
    My favorite is Hume with winter gloves.

    Great post. :)