quinta-feira, 27 de junho de 2013

Playmobil - Figures Series 4

Look who also has surprise packs!

They are figures. Not minifigures.

They are Playmobil!

This is already Series 4 packs so I don't know where have I been but never saw any of these packs before.

I thought that, since the Playmobil figures are static that I would only open the pack and see what I got without the need to assemble them.

As you may see they come in parts and we need to assemble them like LEGO minifigures!

Glad for the manual help because I've never assembled a Playmobil before. And after putting all the parts together I noticed that they don't look quite like the other Playmobil figures. There are small differences because the normal figures are monolithic.

There are no official site nor the manual had names to the figures.

LEGO is more professional about this.

This figure seems like an aircraft carrier crew member.

Even if the map he's looking at seems like the map to the nearest McDonalds.

Next I got the Roman Legionary. I already got a few on the last LEGO series and now got one for the Playmobil.

But this figure next to the LEGO ones seems like the Goliaths!

It's cool that he has a place to put the sword on the belt.

But the figure I really wanted was this one!

The baseball player!

And au contrair to the LEGO minifigures that had one hitter minifigure and a fielder minifigure separated, on Playmobil I got both in one.

The glove is put on the hand and ball is really a small ball.

But then he can go and have his at bat.

He even has a jersey number.

All together now.

Those were the first three packs I got. After those I got two more.

In one I got this huge clown. And huge is because he's almost double the size of the normal figures.

He has the red nose painted in the head. But besides that he also has the nose to give a more 3D effect to it.

And to finish the last pack gave me the wizard. It was the figure with more parts to assemble and therefor the most fun to put together.

Like the little moon on the keyring.

Also the wizard staff is quite cool. The ball is like the baseball but with two small holes to get stuck on the staff.

I haven't found more packs in the stores. But I'd give it a try for more a couple of packs and see if I get more of the 12 figures collection.

6 comentários:

  1. Very cool... especially the Roman and the wizard.

    1. The wizard is great in details. Almost feels like those from the Lord of the Rings.

  2. Respostas
    1. I don't really like clowns but it seems they get in all packs I buy lol

  3. Interesting, I've never heard of Playmobile minifigures (or regular figures as they are). I guess that's because I only have Wal*Mart near me...and my Wal*Mart usually gets one box of LEGO minifigs which sell out within a day or two and then that's it for the series. I'm not bitter, no....

    1. The first LEGO minifigures series were a bit obscure around here too. But the last couple of series were selling in every other supermarket.
      You have right to be bitter ;)