segunda-feira, 17 de junho de 2013

Stickers time

I ordered more packs on eBay from the usual seller and again I got a bonus from him.

One of the bonus were 3 packs of NHL stickers.

It feels a bit more home to me.

I got the John Tavares sticker to it was almost done to me.

And even better because he's wearing the All Star jersey.

One thing the stickers have better than the cards is the multi sticker image.

When you put 2 stickers or sometimes 4, all together and get a big picture is awesome.

And it needs high qualified skills to get the picture right. Sometimes the stickers are not cut well and it's quite difficult to get the photo nice and square.

The next step after getting Tavares is getting some Penguins.

I got two. Mister goalie Marc-Andre Fleury and James Neal.

I like the blurriness that makes it seems like the players are really skating fast.

Sad that the goalies I got, even the ones with masks, are not wearing it. Well, but at least I get to see their faces.

But the bonus were not only NHL stickers but also baseball stickers.

Two packs.

I thought they would look like normal stickers packs but they are quite smaller.

And if the packs are smaller what to say about the stickers?

They are even smaller than the ones Panini insist to do for the normal football releases (European League and Euro/Wrold Cups) nowadays.

They are a bit thicker too.

And I really couldn't find the best way to un-glue them. (I don't think that is a word...)

But not all is bad.

They look shiny like the Lou Gehrig one. Quite cool indeed!

And the base stickers have good photos. What I have yet to confirm if they are the same as the ones on the cards.

Besides getting a Yankee I didn't do that bad and got some players I actually like.

Like Gonzalez, Fowler, Zimmermann, Tim Hudson, Ichiro.

So this was a great fun opening this stickers packs.

But there is something in American sports that only feels good in cardboard.

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  1. I agree with you that baseball is best on cardboard.

    However, my favorite sticker is...Lou Gehrig. I like the old time player on a modern sticker.

    1. Well I like old time players in every way since I didn't get much old time cards. I usually get those players in those insert cards Topps love to do. Shame it's (almost) always the same photo.