terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013

Fashion Week - Bat style in '83 Fleer

I had this post already written and somehow I did a wonderful key combo and completely lost it.

And not even the even more wonderful ctrl+z combo would work.

So I had splendid things written for the second day in the fashion week and lost it with the key, not with the wind.

So like the song, 'lets try again'.

Joe Rudi displays a normal, calm and confident look with his bat over the shoulder.

Next is Charlie Moore with a casual look making a pause in the batting practice to go and talk with someone in the stands.

Notice the way he supports the bat over the shoulder and puts the arm on the fence.

Rich Dauer looks confident too like Rudi. Those empty seats do not make him tremble a bit.

Ferguson seems like just had lunch but is ready to go down the runway.

Pryor! The bat! Is falling down your shoulder!

Pocoroba (funny name!) can strike the photo pose.

I don't know why but I always imagine that the catchers do not use gloves to bat. I've watched too many tmes Posada batting (and also Cervelli).

Look who's here in the runway again!

Bob Watson is one of a kind!

He not only manage to wear the glasses with style bust also bend in one knew and 'hugs' the bat with his arms crossed.

That is a superstar look!

Von Hayes shows a bat with tatoos. Well it would be great is they allowed that outside the runway.

Petry is a pitcher but he's accompanied with a bat.

He's doing the shy style.

Youngblood is young and is ready to swing the bat.

Ahhhh young blood is just like that...

The Ripper throws style at everyone.

Even with the bat over the shulder he has the .300 batting average look. He's ready to bat home runs just with his eyes and killer look.

Jim Rice with his humble look seems like is on the deck ready to hit an other home run without much noise.

DeJesus is on my top 3.

The wtf! look is priceless!

OMG! Who put this bat on my hands!?


Why am I wearing a Phillies Uniform!?


And this bat again!? Take it away!


Al Cowens is a comebacker too and found his way for a second day in the fashion week.

He has a killer look, like those know-it-alls that are hidding something...

He poses with his bat like a sword, like a lightsaber...A Jedi! What ya know!

Julio Cruz is the highlight in this fashion day.

He cannot use glasses because those eyebrows would make that impossible.

If you are asking, no, I didn't paint anything on the card. It's the real thing.

And if it wasn't enough he also goes down in one knee and supports himself in the bat in a unique way.

He's the winner.

2 comentários:

  1. LOL for many times you made me laugh.

    We will never see the funny ones that were lost with a wrong key, but you had some very funny ones here.

    "he can hit home runs with only his eyes"
    "he cant wear glasses becaue of his eyebrows"

    1. Hi there Stealing.
      Oh thanks! There are more sets waiting to hit the runway in the future, but this particularly one has quite the style ;)