quinta-feira, 20 de junho de 2013

How to wear the cap

Even in the other side of the Atlantic we are dealing with that fashion that put everyone wearing hip-hop-caps.

I don't know how can someone use a cap like that.

But I'm too old school maybe to reach that...upgrade.

Other thing beside wearing those caps is wearing them a bit to the side.

While you might get it for people casually walking down the street, for professional baseball players I don't get it and don't like it at all.

See Fernando Rodney example.

That card on top is from 2002 Upper Deck 40-Man set.

He wears a normal cap in a normal way.

His 2006 Topps Updates & Highlights card you can see that the cap is getting a bit to the side.

But in most recent years like in the 2011 Topps set you see that the cap kept a bit to the side but nothing to worry so much about.

But then came 2012 Topps Update card and it's ridiculous.

Fernando Rodney is a good closer but that cap makes me do not respect him that much. Why? Because I think it is not respectful of him to wear the uniform like that.


The cap is part of the uniform in baseball.

Imagine seeing someone in the Army, Navy or Air Force wearing the hat like they wanted?

I know is a bit far fetched the comparison but if they use the cap even at night games it's because it's part of the uniform.

If they put the shirt inside the paints to wear the uniform why do they use the cap like some boy band?

Sorry but I don't like.

But Fernando is not alone.

Feliz Hernandez might have a Perfect Game in the stats but he also uses the cap a bit to the side.

But Hernandez is less evident.

He follows more the style of other player.

CC also likes to be a bit different. But you have to pay a bit more attention to see the cap detail.

I see that the pitchers tend to be quite the hipster ones.

At least Romo didn't follow that trend and only kept with the beard.

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  1. I miss the 90's... when we would buy a hat, bend the bill, and use rubber bands to hold them in place overnight before wearing it. Can't stand the flat bill... off to the side look. My students sport that look... along with the sticker still affixed... and I just smile. Now I sort of understand what my parents went through with me.

    1. I don't know if you there used to do that, but there were people that even covered the caps with pins. Lots and lots of pins!
      I was just the ones like you that bent the bill. It helps more covering the Sun from the side.

  2. I bought a new Astros cap this year and my son MADE me bend the brim right away. He didn't want me to look like an old guy trying to be cool.

    1. That was wise lol
      I tell you, even I tried one of those new caps and I felt a bit off with it.
      But here all baseball or basktball team cap is only available in the hip-hop style. Glad I got a NYY cap long ago when they were old style.

  3. How to wear a cap: Buy cap, put it on your head, don't think about it!

    The artsy cap wearers think too much.

    1. And they don't only think too much about the cap but also necklace, earrings...