quarta-feira, 26 de junho de 2013

LEGO minifigures - More Series 10 packs

I got more packs of Series 10 but some of the figures seem to run away from me and from, like 10 packs, I only got the next 4 I missed yet.

“Why laugh when you can cry?”

I got the Sad Clown who is sad. Who would tell!

“Is this the right purple? It looks a little off…”

Also got the Decorator even if he seems more like the Painter than anything else.

“Give me liberty or give me disassembly!”

The Revolutionary Soldier whom only lacks singing La Marseillaise.

“Ah, the most dangerous game…paintball!”

And finally the Paintball Player who would have a great competitor in the Decorator. Who would win!?

I'm preparing an other collecting figures post, but this time around about Playmobil!

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  1. Respostas
    1. The Sad Clown is scary? Well he reminds me of Pierrot.

  2. Respostas
    1. And you have lots of them! Like the Poor Clown, the Rich Clown, the already mentioned Sad Clown...you can run but you can't hide lol