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1991 Donruss Series 1

To you all the junk wax is past.

And perhaps the worst time to get cards.

But for me it's fun.

Until I get at least a couple of cards from every other set of those years I will not rest.

Those repack packs are good for this. But I have not been able to get those anymore so I'm doing fine with these rack packs.

The worst are those that say 'Gum'.

I tend to run away from those but that will eventually lead me to miss some years and brands cards.

There is always a price to pay...

So as you might already noticed today I'm posting about '91 Donruss Series 1.

I got 6 well known Diamond Kings and they probably are the best draws I got from Donruss.

They don't need that much of photoshop.

Even if Dave Righetti seems to be a bit in pain. Perhaps he snapped a spike on the foot.

The card back is quite dense with info that I love.

What got me thinking is the crown on the bottom with the dates.

Are those the years in which he was selected to a Diamond King? Because there are others that have no crown. And if they put on the crown the present (ate the time) year of '91 all them should have a crown.

Just me saying...

Then 3 Highlights cards.

A no-hitter along side fielding records and catchers records.

Also got 2 All Star cards.

I like these cards and I like they still make the sets nowadays. Well...the set. They usually are featured in the Update Series set.

The Bob Welch is a night card? Night Owl must know that better than me.

And now for Rated Rookies and base cards!

- Mark Lewis RR
- Rudy Seanez: If I counted right he was in 9 different teams to which some of them he played more than once.
- Chris James
- Cory Snyder
- Steve Olin: He's a submarine pitcher whom always look great on cards. Specially if they are in horizontal format.
- Dion James
- Alex Cole: Yep. I'm in bunt- team too. So this card is already in the bunts binder section.
- Jose Offerman RR
- Fernando Valenzuela: I always tend to call him 'Venezuela'.
- Hubie Brooks

- Leo Gomez RR
- Gregg Olson: I like Gregg. Even if at first I got all confused with him and Greg Olson.
- Mark Williamson
- Chris Hoiles
- Ray Lankford
- Jose DeLeon
- Ozzie Smith: The flying man.
- Jose Oquendo

- Mickey Morandini RR
- Darrin Fletcher RR
- Dickie Thon: Already made his look-a-like post.
- Darrel Akerfelds
- Darren Daulton
- Steve Lake
- Kevin Belcher RR
- Kevin Reimer

- Julio Franco: I counted at least 10 MLB teams.
- Jeff Russell: Butterfly style!?
- Mark Salas
- Lance McCullers
- Lou Whitaker
- Paul Gibson
- Gregg Jefferies
- Sid Fernandez

- John Franco: Career ERA 2.89 makes him look good even with that mustache.
- Paul Molitor
- Dan Plesac
- Bill Spiers
- Mark Knudson
- Will Clark
- Terry Kennedy
- Greg Litton: He would do good in a fashion week with that pose.

But oh! Wait!

Look who I got here!

I managed to get my beloved Paul Molitor as well my also beloved Will Clark!

Woot! Woot! Woot!

- Steve Bedrosian
- Duane Ward
- Jimmy Key: By the look of the photo it seems he's warming up.
- Tom Henke: Submarine pitcher too?
- Manny Lee
- Kent Hrbek
- Shane Mack
- Juan Berenguer

- Mark McGwire: Great looking batting photo. I usually call him "Mark MacGyver".
- Willie Randolph
===== Enter Yankees area
- Lee Guetterman
- Greg Cadaret
- Mike Witt
===== Exit Yankees area
- Tim Burke
- Larry Walker
- Randy Johnson: '91 was the 4th year of Johnson in the MLB. Even younger he looked old!

- Harold Reynolds
- Scott Bradley: It seems the catcher was supporting him.
- Ed Whitson
- Ivan Calderon: I think he swallowed a fork. Look at that straight back!
- Donn Pall: Is that a beginning of a mustache?
- Robin Ventura: There are player who simply look awesome.
- Wayne Edwards
- Dave Smith

- Ken Caminiti
- Casey Candaele
- Eric Anthony
- Shawn Boskie
- Les Lancaster
- Tommy Gregg
- Rob Murphy
- Kevin Romine: His the father of Yankees catcher Austin Romine.

- Mariano Duncan: A great add to my bunt binder.
- Rob Dibble: I like this photos in which the pitcher still has the hand down ready to throw.
- Bobby Bonilla
(I think these last three cards are my favourite)

I love blue so I like the borders.

About the strips, Donruss has it as a trademark to which I don't have anything against. I even find it fun trying to match the cards in order for the strips in the borders match the best possible.

Donruss is really a puzzle.

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