segunda-feira, 8 de julho de 2013

Little facts about the Yellow set

I know there are a lot of angst about the '91 Fleer set.

Yep, all those yellow borders.

Really angst.

But I do like yellow...a lot!

And from the moment I knew there was this set with so much yellow to give I decided I had to have at least a couple of cards. And for my joy the ebay seller had some packs.

Only got two rack packs but a lot of fun!

Before I show you all the cards I got I have to highlight three of them.

Take notice in this Alfredo Griffin card.

Yes it is right heading to my dust-is-in-the-air binder but is not that that made me take a double take to the card.

The reason why is the next card I also got.

When I looked to the Jose Vizcaino and to Griffin card again I thought I was seeing things.

But no.

The sliding player is in both Bip Roberts.

It is not in the same game because the uniforms are different: Griffin has the home uniform and Vizcaino has the away uniform. The same for Roberts.

Poor Roberts got an out from both the 2B and the SS.

The next highlight is for the Call Ripken Jr. card.

The left corner is not cut off. It's the light that gave that effect.

But what I found funny about the photo is that this might be the warm up.


Why would Ripken Jr. be fielding with the batting protection on the leg?

Maybe is just for the style of it.

6 comentários:

  1. You've got a keen eye... much like Senor Ave Nocturna.

    1. I can say it is my female inner eye working with my 6th sense. Mister Night Owl or 'Senhor Coruja' has a keen eye too for this things ;)

  2. I like the yellow cards too. If you like them enough to want a set, there is a re-seller here that lists the complete factory set for only $6. Not an auction, for sale all day every day.

    1. Well, the entire set I don't need because I already got all those cards from the rack packs. I'd probably like to complete it though.

  3. And what are the odds of getting those two cards in two random rack packs !?

    1. You are right! I think I got the bingo on this one.