terça-feira, 2 de julho de 2013

Christmas came early on the mail - part II

Like I've said on part I of this post, Bob at The Five Tool Collector sent me some goodies including three 2013 Heritage packs.

Lets see what have I got.

The first pack was yet a great pack because the first two cards were Yankees.

I like Nova and was hoping for him to make a good season which is not happening. But still...I don't know why but I keep liking him.

Phil Hughes is a mix. I can like him a lot to the next game where he pitches like hell I want to trade him for anyone.

I started to collect Brandon Phillips cards.

I don't mind if he hits above .300 or wins triple crown.

He simply rules over the Universe in fielding!

He makes me laugh and wow almost in every play he's in.

He gives away that feeling of enjoying so much plying ball that is contagious.

So this was my favourite card for the first pack.

Second pack was great too.


Johnson and Markakis!? What else could I wish for!?

Thank goodness Markakis is wearing the old beard style and not the current one. Sorry sweet but this suits you better.

And Josh Johnson is a pitcher I collect.

Brandon League scarred me to fall and curled into a ball with those photoshoped eyes.

Highlight too mister Matt Harvey that seems to be the new hero in town to Mets fans.

The last card from this pack is the Sockers card.

Even when I don't like a team I tend to like these kind of cards.

Last year I got the Bronx Bombers so this year I got the Red Sox Sockers. I'm even.

Third and final pack gave me Kyle Seager that made huge impact on fantasy against my team!

Morse seems like got some spicy cookies for lunch.

End the package with Jake Peavy.

I got a couple of cards of him in one repack box I got months ago and I got pretty curious about him but never watched a game in which he played.

Once again thanks to Bob for a great pack full of great cards.

I'm keeping some cards for you in a future pack.

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