segunda-feira, 1 de julho de 2013


That's how I truly feel.

I've already posted that there was these news about ESPN CEO or whatever he is, decided that it was too bloody expensive keeping ESPNAmerica and ESPN Classic on Europe.

And so they were cutting it off.

I've read those news in a national sports cable channel and thought they might as well were trying to play games.

And since that day I've read no more news about the fact and thought that they possible thought it better and were not through with this.

It seems that I was dreaming.

The news is everywhere now and it seems there is no turning back.

It will be shut down at the end of this month.

I don't understand why, if they think it's expensive to keep it for free why not allowing people to still get it and pay for it like other cable 'premium' channels.

At least here in Portugal we have a lot of channels that we have to pay for besides the normal cable service.

I'd pay for it.

I can't stand the thought of being cut out of the MLB, NHL and NFL world again.

That guy must think we in Europe live in the third world no!?

We have no other channel with the service like ESPN America.

That national sports channel that I talked about usually airs a game or sometimes two of NFL and NHL per week if so.

Nothing about MLB.

I know that there are more and more people with cable that became a fan of ESPN America because finally we could get American sports live on TV (and watch the repetition on a more GMT/CET time).

I've sent a couple of tweets to @espn and @espnamerica but do you think they cared a bit!? NO!

I think I will stop watching TV. The documentaries channels are bullshit nowadays and without baseball, ice hockey and american football to watch I'll just go and turn off the TV.

I feel I'm being put to the side of one of my favourite sports.

So ESPN America thanks for nothing.

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  1. The Internet will ride to the rescue if you have good bandwidth. Always more and more streaming content available.... the Tigers and Blue Jays are on for free today on MLB.TV, a bit less than two hours from now as I type...

  2. Anoying i agree, i have solved it by getting with all games live, replays, quick clips etc, all you need on baseball!

  3. I'm still too much into the TV kind of life.
    The thing is that I rec the games when they repeat because they cut out the 'dead times' and I don't have quite the time to watch it right away and sometimes I watch the rec games 1 month late.

    The allow you to watch a game anytime you want or you have to watch it live?

    Anywho I still want to throw more than baseballs to the head of the master mind of this...