segunda-feira, 22 de julho de 2013

Funny Monday - Powered by COMC

Welcome to an other round through COMC.

Today we have the poor '82 Donruss Hosken Powell doing everything to be inside the card frame.

Same problem for '82 Fleer Jack Morris.

A pitcher without the throwing hand.

But you better keep your uniform clean like '82 Topps Charlie Moore.

2 comentários:

  1. I remember a discussion I had at a LCS with the owners and a few friends. The subject was "What's the crappiest card ever produced by a major card manufacturer?"

    I don't remember the final decision but I do know that the '82 Fleer Jack Morris was in the running.

    1. At the time you couldn't blame the designer that cropped that bad the photo. It was a pure photographer disaster.
      And you can even see a shadow that makes the back looks like paper instead of being real sky.
      Got to love it for how bad it is.