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Jonathan Lucroy - Woman Perspective post

It's time for an other post in this so beloved category.

I was remembered by BASEBALL DAD comment that I haven't made a Woman Perspective post in a while.

Shame on me!

And then I started to think about who this posts might be.

And then again shame on me!


Because I haven't made a post about one of the first players that made me stare at his card.

So the post is about Jonathan Lucroy.

And it's my first catcher!

The card that made me stare is this pretty thing.

Me who likes those clouds of dust and see the uniforms got all dirty during the games had a blast with this card.

Catchers gear all dirty and a pretty face on top is something to make my day.

It's like gold!

And that's why I also got this card.

He's my Golden Dusty Boy.

(If I said 'Dirty' it would sound R rated and I want to keep the blog PG13.)

And that's why I checked to see if I had more cards of me.

I found I have his Rookie Card!


Catcher in action!

That umpire there is blocking my spectacular view!

Topps photoshop a lot of things, even eyebrows! And they let that umpire to block the pretty thing that is Lucroy!?

I'm preparing some voodoo...I just don't know if for the umpire, the photographer or Topps.

But I'm also thinking about Lucroy's hairdresser.

What is that!?

It's a 'no no no'!

Thank baseball gods that Lucroy saw the light and changed the hairstyle.

That and keep showing in cards wearing the helmet.

And there is an other update.

The Beard!

That 2/3 days beard!


Ahhh the Beard...

Unfortunately there are few cards of Lucroy and I only have 4.

And if Topps has the exclusive for the next 2 years or so, I think I'll go ahead with the voodoo thing.

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