terça-feira, 16 de julho de 2013

New action collection - Get your seat on the Front Row

While getting through my cards something caught my eye.

Of course you have the bunt cards that usually draw a person to them.

Myself included.

But also some other type of cards made me stare and decide they deserve a binder.

I'm talking about the Front-Row cards!

And what are these cards!?

I can give you an example.

You have a great Brandon Morrow card not only because you get to see the ball traveling its way to the batter or catcher nor for the commemorative cap.


It's really because you get to see the batter.

You feel like your in the front row of the action.

An other example is this.

Rich Harden making the swan figure plus the ball and the batter right there!

These are just two examples that I found in my cards. One for vertical and other horizontal. There might be more out there but you get the preview.

Meanwhile I'll be adding a new tab on the top bar and will list them like the dust collection.

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