Monday, 26 December 2016

Star Wars - Force Attax (extra)

I was looking for some Rogue One packs and then I found 8 The Force Awakes Force Attax Extra packs.

Of course I had to get them even if I already know the orange borders are a thing...That and many characters that no one knows who they are but ok...

One shiny space ship and an other normal.

These horizontal cards are always beautiful...

These black cards are one pretty gorgeous thing to have! They also shine a bit but the scanner can't show it.

The Luke card is a dup I think (need to find the other cards...) but I don't mind getting it again (that's how pretty it is)

Got one of those stand-up-cards. I like Poe. He's a fun character.

All-in-all I got a few good cards for 8 packs.

It's Star Wars! In the end we will always love it!


  1. Wait... Rey is rated higher than Luke? That's one powerful jedi.

    1. WoW! I didn't noticed that until you mentioned it! ehehe She's a Jedi in the make. And she will bring balance to the Force..ohhhhhhhh wait! ;)