Friday, 16 December 2016

50 Cities of the World #26 Jerusalem

I didn't planed to show this card at this time of the year but it was a funny surprise when I uploaded the image.

I think this is probably one of those cities that you can't say you never heard of before.

It is the centre of the religious world. It is located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains and it's one of the oldest cities in the world. Even with all the fights and almost complete destructions it still stands.

Both Israel and Palestine declares Jerusalem as their capital. So no wonder we'll keep on hearing about it...

Like the card back states, Jerusalem might fire your theological history interest but even only from a pure-historical point of view is so rich that you'd like to visit.

I think the representation in the picture is the Temple Mount. Which was and still is - besides the Western Wall, the Kotel (that is probably that wall there in the picture too) - one of the most symbolic places in Jerusalem.

For more on Jerusalem info visit its wiki page.


  1. Sad that such a spiritual place has seen so much trouble.

    1. Yes. Religion is a tough matter and Jerusalem is the perfect example of that.