Sunday, 11 December 2016

Star Wars Rogue One - take V

Tell me, after the last post you're still with me? Good. Because I promise you this post is way better than the last one.

And that is not quite difficult because it really was a pain...

You can't see because the scanner seems to not be able to get it right, but these two are parallels. You know, those all shiny and refractor style.

It's like an obligation for TOPPS to make these kind of parallels in every set. But they look good thou.

Here you have more concept-comic-book-like cards. This is the new droid filling the C3PO role, it's the K-2S0 droid.

And we got the samurais too. The card is really good looking. Imagine it in a poster and it's awesome.

Just two more posts left. And I of course I left the best to the end.


  1. C2-B5 looks like R2-D2 would look if he were made by Apple. :-)

    1. AHAHAH that was really good ;)
      Some droids look all the same, changing only the colour pallet..

  2. Can't wait to see those samurais in action.

    1. I've read on twitter some first opinions on the film by people who got first screenings and they all say it's awesome. Lets hope it is so.