Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Star Wars Rogue One - take VI

Are you ready to something cool!?

Well, at least I think it is pretty cool!

Not mind blowing but it's something I've never seen before in a TOPPS set.

You see, I got this card and a couple more with other characters.

You can see in the left circle, almost transparent, it's Jyn's face.

I got these cards and I thought...'what a bloody hell TOPPS! What is this piece of cardboard for?'

I truly thought they were just stupid fillers and TOPPS were just f*ing with me for spending money on this.

But then I got this card.

You cannot get it right because scanning a really transparent card is quite difficult.

Yep. The white parts you see on the picture are transparent.

And that was the moment I got it!

You bastards! That card was not a stupid filler! It was just incomplete without the other half!

Here. Put the two together and there was magic happening.

I know...it's not something from an other world. But it's TOPPS here! This is quite off-the-box for them. Well...at least for what I've seen in their sets.

And I tell you again. What a little precious baby this is!

And this is why I need to buy more packs...

And please, stay tuned for the last post because I'll show you my favourite cards.

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