Saturday, 3 December 2016

Star Wars Rogue One - take I

Once again Disney is making big money with Star Wars franchise on Christmas.

Even when it's not a main title and it's with a spin-off or something like that.

The truth is that this universe is so enormous you can make the spin-offs you like that they will always end in the same path. Really. Just make the many forks you want. The end will be facing the almighty Darth Vader.


I saw these packs of TOPPS SW Rogue One trading cards and I'm weak. Very very weak.

I bought 10 packs each containing 5 cards.

You have the normal set and the obvious insert cards. The packs state the odds of them, but I can't figure out what is what so nevermind.

I'll just will show you the pretty cards because those are the ones that matter in the end.

Ohhhhhhh I got the heroine of the film!

I confess, that I've seen her in the trailers but only now I got to know her name.

She does really look like a badass! Kudos for that. 

I think this is one of the samurais we see on the trailers.

Finally the SW films show the true inspiration for Jedis: Samurais.

All these cards are beautiful. The colours, the texture feeling you get is very good.

They truly look, in the hand, like mini-painting. That's because they are like concept-like shoots. Or like out of a comic book!

I don't know why TOPPS chose this kind of look on the cards, but I must tell you they bet good on this one.

And I end with the always present Darth Vader.

Now I'll just have some cookies. Muahahahaha


  1. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but I do like these cards. I got thrown a little bit by "Soldado Imperial" until I remembered "Oh, right... Portuguese".

    Oh, and welcome back!

    1. Ohhh yeah. I forgot to tell that the cards are in Portuguese. At least until now I didn't pick any mistake, like I've seen in other sets that sometimes have a mix of Portuguese and Spanish.
      But since the card back of most cards have no info I don't quite complain.