Thursday, 15 December 2016

Star Wars Rogue One - take VII

Are you ready for the last Rogue One post!?

Well, at least until I buy more packs. Which I forgot to tell you are 1€ each, which means it's around 1$ too. For 5's a bit. But they are pretty!

Lets get this is going on.

I really enjoyed the last card I've shown you in previous post. So choosing these two babies as my favourites in front of that one was quite difficult.

But they are Darth Vader cards!

And they are sooooooooooo red!



This is like the chosen one!

All black. Lots of red.

Darth Vader and Death Star.

I'd make a poster of it. And a t-shirt. And a pajama. And my apron. And my bed sheets. And everything else you might think of.

I might have  crush for the Jyn transparent card but I'm completely in love with this one!

Hope you have enjoyed these posts. Hope to get more cards soon.


  1. Ummmmm Ana? It's $3 for 4 Topps Chrome cards around here. I would KILL for a SW 5 for a buck pack!

    1. eheh That's fair enough. But believe me..1€/$ for only 5 cards it's a bit for collectors. Because the cards have to compete against the stickers here, which still are the favs among collectors, and a pack of stickers is around 0.5/0.6€. That's why most people still go for the sticker collection instead of buying the cards..

  2. Both of those cards are fantastic... and would definitely make excellent posters.

    1. I got more of those cards. It seems like a mini-set inside the set. They're like 5 or 6 cards with Vader. I'll scan the new cards soon so I can show you them ;)