Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Star Wars Rogue One - take VIII

I have yet to go and watch the new Rogue One.

The holidays take over and everything we thought and schedule to do...but it all change.

But! I had time to buy some more packs and enjoy them in my new binder.

I found the official binder and now I cannot stop looking at the puzzle cards...One beautiful view.

But for now, I'm showing the individual cards.

Really...the cards are pretty. The X-Wing card looks like a concept design and I can only picture it in a t-shirt or a poster.

This Jyn card does shine. But my scan think it can only shine for me so here it only looks like a red-border card.

I love the bad guy! He has the best shots and his cards are almost as good as the Darth Vader cards!

Speaking of he is.

He's looking at you Jyn. And he's saying you cannot go and play with Leia. You two when get together always manage to rebel away.

I never enjoyed before, a set where almost all cards are all concept and design looks, instead of film frames.

I think even Topps knows the film story is not what really matters.

Make room for Krennic!

It's a shame that, I know and I'm always saying those are great cards, but Topps use the same picture for different cards, and they could avoid that.

I only forgive them because the artwork, and photoshop, is quite good, and the cards end up feeling different, even with the same picture.

 When I got the official binder, inside there was a poster with the cards list. And then was when I found that the last cards on the set are sticker-cards.

All these 4 cards are sticker cards. They have a place to stick on the poster, but I won't do that. I prefer having them as cards.

And the last one is a Special Edition Jyn card. There was one with the binder but then I got an other in a random pack I bought. Call it lucky I think.

Have I told you I love yellow!?

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