Monday, 5 December 2016

Star Wars Rogue One - take II

Did you like the previous cards of the new Star Wars Rogue One film!?

I bet you did. Because, like I said in the previous post, they ar a pretty thing to hold and collect.

Of course not all is good in the TOPPS trading cards world, and in a future post I'll show you just that. But for now lets keep posting pretty cards.

Well, it seem that this Director Krennic is the actual bad-guy here. He wears quite white cloths for a bad-guy. Only if he's thinking about snow and how to not be caught throwing snowballs against Darth Vader.

Ho Ho Ho

As you can see, the comic-book-look does the thing for this set. And we even get new Storm Troopers for this film.

Because they manage to make a new mask and uniform for them. I thought I've seen them all but I was wrong.

Don't know why, but I kinda love this 'Soldado da Morte' (Death Trooper) card a 'very big much'.

An other Samurai I think and a bunch of more Imperial Guards ready to chop your head off.

I got a lot of bad-guys cards. And I'm enjoying it!


  1. You probably have seen before...the black wearing Stormtroopers come from the Dark Horse comics that Disney threw away.

    1. Ohhhh I see! Yeah..sadly Disney ditched a lot of existing Star Wars universe. I was expecting they would embrace that and make the new films about it, but they chose to change it all..