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Nick Markakis - Woman Perspective post

Hello there.

Back to one of my favorite categories: bring light to the women side of baseball players appreciation.

Today I'm going to show my fair play, and even if Baltimore is making my Yankees sweat until the end to win the AL East, I'm talking about Nick Markakis.

After talking about two handsome blonds (they get less blond throughout the years) lets talk about a Latin kind of man.

I have this 2009 Topps UH Propaganda card. I like those cards, have a couple more that might even show in one of this posts...let you think about it ehehe

But talking about this precise card I must say Nick seems like a vampire! Look at those eyes? I see some kind of Cullen's eyes in those. And the hair goes for it too. I'd prefer to see more dark hair you people! He has that south-European look to him.

But make this card a poster and it would 'Serve Proudly' in my teens-wall-covered-in-posters-times.

Next I have this 2011 Topps Series One base card.

Not the best fielding photo to appreciate his handsomeness but I can see his skills in action. He can run and catch. And look gorgeous doing so. So if I would fall from the skies he would run and catch me without much trouble. Like it!!!!!

But here, I'd like to propose some fielding kind of photo.

See Topps? (Since they are the only ones now...) Even if this photo might be from the practice prior to game, I can see Nick better. Beard is well trimmed. Full chest with lots of space to breath (that's useful in a player). And yes...the mouth. Beautiful line moth. And his jaw line? Uhhhhhhhh That's the way to go!

The final card I have of him (yep, I only have 3 cards of Markakis, poor me) is one specimen of this 2012 Topps Heritage base card.

Please Topps, let me choose the photos. If it is a prepared shooting session why not make it look more like this:

This example seems to have a bit of photoshop to it, but if it is only on the background I can let it pass without trouble.

But let me look at Nick posing.

Did I mention the eyes? That horizon-lost-look...

Well, since I don't have more Markakis cards I must end the post with some good photos I found of him on the web.

I don't like orange. Even more because it has some political references in Portugal. But Nick does look awesome in any kind of colours.

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