quarta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2012

Cards Database - Extra Inning post

I started last week a new project concerning my collecting sports cards hobby.

I decided to put my knowledge and skills of programming into action besides my job and create a small program to keep track of my collection.

A simple database to store my cards.

It's an other way of getting fun with this hobby. This way I connect what I like and do for living (programming) and a passion (collecting).

The good thing is that I can have it offline.

I use ZISTLE but I need to connect to the web to get to it. Besides that I have a text file which I check very often.

So I decided to make my text file more attractive in an application style.

After it is finished I'll put it available for all of you that are interested in it. So if you have any suggestion I'd be glad to take it!

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