segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

Barry Jones - 1987 Topps

I got this 1987 Topps see-through-pack from the Card Chase box I already talked about here in the blog. I know I'm missing the rest of packs (inlcuding this one!) I got in that box, but before that, I have to talk about a specific card.

This beauty.

It's not because it's Barry Jones.

It's not because it's a Pirate card.

It's not because it's a card from one of the most beloved sets by many collectors.

It's not because anything else but the fact that Jones seems like a Policeman passing a ticket to someone.

Really. Look at the cap. I don't know what went through the mind of the illuminated one that design those Pittsburgh caps but he/she really had a bad day. Or just wanted to make fun of the players (and fans who ever dared to buy one!).

I don't want to insult anyone. But please...

And Jones even have the mustache to make it more realistic.

"Sorry Mr. Fan but you just spilled your drink on Miss Fan seated next to you, so I'll have to fine you for being so mean!"

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