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Card Chase - 2008 Tristar Projections

Lets get one more pack from the Card Chase box. To be precise this time is not 1, not 2 but 3 packs.

The most modern packs I got from the box are precisely these 3.

I got two 'normal' packs and a 'High # Series' pack. Lets see what I got from the first two 'normal' packs.

 1st pack:

#78 Sean Doolittle - Drafted by Oakland and "He served as a relief pitcher for the A's, earning his first career save on July 21, 2012 against the New York Yankees" (info from wikipedia)
#97 Glenn Austin Gallagher - Drafted by Dodgers and still playing in Minors. He has a good BA but LAD are full of stars so I don't know if can be called to ML next year.
#132 Andrew McCutchen - Drafted by Pittsburgh and we all know the rest. Here is a teen Andrew photo quite nice. Shorter hair looks better.

As you can see there is a shift mistake on the stats. I was in doubt to which they forgot to shift, if it was the stats name or the values. As you can see ahead on the high numbered cards it was corrected and the stats name are correctly position and the values were the shift-missing-error.

#131 Jeff Marquez - Picked by Yankees and was involved in the Nick Swisher trade with White Sox. Right now has a Minor contract with Colorado.
#141 Luis Castillo - Drafted by the Nationals and plays in Minors. Don't think he will make it to the ML.
#47 Jason Place - Drafted by Boston and have played for 5 years in the Minors.
#199 Brad Bergesen - Drafted by the Orioles is a Pitcher in the ML since 2009. Injuries made his life hard and now he's with D-Backs.
#167 Hank Conger (refractor) - Drafted by Angels and was between the Minors and Majors. I think I have his Topps RC somewhere. I like this refractor a lot! Look at that rainbow glow.

 Now on the 2nd pack:

#184 Collin Balester - Drafted by the Expos and played up/down for the Nationals until be traded to Detroit where he found himself again playing in the Minors.
#43 Jarrod Parker - Drafted by Arizona right from the High School but was traded last year to Oakland in the Trevor Cahill and Craig Breslow traded.
#51 Matt Wieters - Drafted by Orioles and is now giving some trouble to my Yankees as Baltimore Catcher.
#89 Wilmer Font - Signed by Texas and plays in the Minors.
#105 Brandon Hicks (refractor) - Drafted by the Braves but now plays for the A's. Other nice refractor.
#134 David Pauley - Drafted by Padres but started his ML career with Boston. Since then played for Mariners, Tigers, Angels and Blue Jays. Is back to Seattle system but with a Minors contract.
#71 Jhoulys Chacin - Signed by Colorado and I have his Topps RC too. and yes, I can say his name right.

#13 David Robertson - Drafted by my Yankees and is my favourite Pitcher in the team. I was hopping to see him become the future Closer for New York. But he still need to work a bit more. But I treasure each Robertson card because it's hard to find one. At least for me. I think I only have 1 or 2 cards of him besides this one.

And finally the high numbered pack:

#333 Jose Capellan - Signed by the Red Sox and I couldn't find much thing about him. I saw him in the ESPN webpage wearing a SF cap so he might be with Giants now.
#225 Jose Gil - Drafted by Yankees and only has Minor League experience.
#207 Van Pope - Drafted by Atlanta and in 2007 was rated by Baseball America as the No. 5 prospect in the Braves organization. None the same he was released.
#302 Josue Calzado - Drafted by Yankees and is still in the Minors with a 4year-BA of .252.
#366 Graham Taylor - Drafted by Florida (now Miami) and already played in ML. His wiki page says he's best known for his baserunning skills. He is a Pitcher.

The so called High # Series brought me only Minor leaguers. The first two packs were pretty cool thou with McCutchen and Robertson being the highlights.

About the cards design I might say I like it but I truly don't get why some players have full photo and others are limited to the half-top card leaving a lot of white on the bottom.

I saw the auto-cards and understand the white bottom space if the autograph is there. Otherwise it's a waste of blank space.

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