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Hunter Pence - Woman Perspective Post

I saved one Giants player from my last post because I were preparing already his Woman Perspective post.

2009 Topps Update & Highlights #TTT70

Here comes the giant (pun intended) Hunter Pence!

I knew him from Astros. That's my second beloved team (Yankees is my true love of course!) right next to Arizona. Yep, they have similar uniform colours and are not that good but Houston strikes the pot more often than D-Backs.

Houston is moving to AL. Don't know if it will help anything or even the seemed change in teams logo/symbol.

Probably because Astros being too small for Pence (an other pun intended oh no!) and he jumped to a more prominent wagon team.

2011 Topps Update Series #92

And that would have make it for me if I didn't like Hunter that much! Phillies can make me dislike a player but not Pence.

Why? I don't know.
2011 Topps Update Series #92 Cognac

I don't know if it's because of Pence being so tall, or that smile that makes me all jelly bean, or that vigorous swing that would rip off my heart, or the socks pulled to the knee...or for the past postseason the BEARD!

That's my kind of beard!

All blond and fluffy...not that I tried to rub it on my HD TV!


The above cards are the only ones I have of Hunter as a Phillie. And I got both in the same pack! Those represent his vigorous swing and that makes me forget what's written in the uniform shirt.

But I'm missing any of his Giants card! Not that I like SF but I'll take any Pence card I can manage to get.

To go with the top card I have one Attax card of him as an Astro as well (which came in one of those repack boxes' packs that I intend to post here as soon as I can).

2010 Topps Update Series Attax #51

And he even look nicer with the flying necklace! Not all men can make it wearing necklaces but he does.

It looks like the kids after summer vacations with those beach necklaces. Some of them homemade.

Yes. Hunter Pence still look like a kiddo.

He looks like a little boy that is all tall and all but still a boy.

Love that boyish look of him.

The socks pulled up help a bit.

And that's what I mainly like about Pence. The boyish love for playing ball. He plays with joy. And let it flow to the fans.

2011 Topps Update Series #304

Hunter Pence surely made his way to my All-Star Team.

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