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1991-92 NHL Pro Set

I got so many packages the past 2 months that I cannot process all of it. Usually the US seller I get cards from send me a bonus pack. I understand the incentive to buy more but I like it none the same.

Well, one of the bonus packs was this 1991-92 NHL Pro Set French Edition!

French was like the second language here in Portugal back when the people emigrated mainly to France (and we are near, we only have Spain between us). With all this crisis we are living now many people are emigrating again but nowadays is English that works as a second language.

So I'm in the team English-as-second-language and truly cannot speak French for living. I can read and understand but please don't ask me to talk because it all comes out with a strange English accent.

But I still appreciate the sellers gesture.

And here are the cards I got.

Gary Roberts @CGY - This must be my favourite card from the pack and probably from all NHL cards I have. Roberts is pushing some (I think!) Flyers' player and it seems he is doing on purpose so he can have all the card only or him. 'Get out of my card!'

Mike Vernon @CGY - "He is a two-time Stanley Cup champion, with the Flames in 1989 and the Red Wings in 1997"

Jari Kurri @LA - No photoshop (un)happiness so Jari has his Kings card with a photo wearing Oilers uniform. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2001.

Curt Giles @MIN - North Stars has similar colours to Wilds so it seems is a Minnesota thing. Curt "had a portion of his left ring finger amputated on March 24, 1986 in order to compete in the 1986 Stanley Cup playoffs. The finger had a tumor in the bone and forced him to miss the end of the 1985-86 regular-season". That's a bigggggg ouch!!!

Stéphane Lebeau @MTL -  He won a Stanley Cup in 1993 with the Canadiens. So this is his card from previous-winner-year.

Denis Savard @MTL - Denis was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2000. That makes this my second HOF player card in the pack.

Gary Nylund @NYI - He was the first NHL player to change teams via free agency.

Bernie Nicholls @NYR - He is on the team 1'000-points-player.

Ron Hextall @PHI - One of his records is having the most career goals by a goaltender, including playoffs – 2. I wish I could see goaltenders going for penalties more often. We see sometimes that happening also in football. And Portugal had one happy example of that back in UEFA Euro2004 against England.

Alexei Gusarov @QBC - I love Nordics' logo. I confess I didn't know nothing about this team before collecting cards. So I like getting all Quebec cards as possible. And Alexei has a good career resumé: he "is a member of the Triple Gold Club, having won the 1989 IIHF World Championship, the 1996 Stanley Cup, and the Olympic gold medal in 1988."

Paul MacDermid @WIN - The Jets returned last season so I know them.

Tomas Sandstrom ASG - Tomas was named to the 1985 NHL All-Rookie Team. And to the All-Star team in 1991-92 season.

Andy Moog ASG - Moog is No.14 in the NHL goaltenders with 300 wins list.

Rick Tocchet ASG - In '92 Rick scored 19 points in 14 playoff games, helping the Penguins win Stanley Cup champions again.

The last card is from a convention. I'm not sure if it's from the draft or not. It's a checklist card.

And speaking of Penguins the card I save for the last is the only Pittsburgh player I got.

Kevin Stevens @PIT - At this time this uniform was the regular, nowadays is the retro one alongside the blue one. Kevin was the LW in the Lemieux line and won two Stanley Cup championships in 1991 and 1992.

Now I'll go a try to get some help from my fellow dictionary.

Note: all additional info via wikipedia

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