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Card Chase Box - 1988 Donruss pack 2

Now on with the second see-one-of-the-cards-1988-Donruss-packs.

Ohhhhh I already have the Winfield card from the other pack...It's up to trade so.

The drawing this time around was a bit better. Will Clark didn't scared me off like Calderon did. Well not Calderon himself but his draw. I think I like better the Upper deck Collector's Choice drawings than Donruss Diamond Kings.

Lets see...two Blue Jays: Jimmy Key who won the first WS for a non-USA team and in the first WS outside USA too in '92. After spending 8 years with Toronto moved to New York for my Yankees (love the trending former/wanna-be NYY player) and won his second WS title in '96; and David Wells also a '92 WS winner and one of the chosen ones by pitching a no-hitter in '98...for whom?...Yes! The Yankees!

I'm starting to think I'll go and do a Topps-photoshop (or gimp) on my cards to all the trending-Yankees-cards I already have.

Then I see a Zane Smith as a Brave, Junior Ortiz as a Pirate, John Kruk as a Padre who drafted him back in '81 and whom I know better from ESPNAmerica shows and finally the Red Sox Bruce Hurst.

Now with the second half of the pack I got 3 puzzle pieces to complete the Stan Musial puzzle. At least I already have some Stan Musial career stats which is better than the grass pieces I got in the previous pack.

Now with the cards.

Mickey Hatcher? I think I saw you before. Yep. An other card up to trade. It seems Dodgers are quite the trend in the blogosphere so...

Tiger Mike Heath warming-up. Also a Yankee by draft but didn't have much playing-time there and only stayed for a year.

Got 2 Phillies: Don Carman and Rick Schu. Don pitches looking down and Schu has that hairiness to him. Yep, I don't have much to say.

And the final three cards are: Dale Mohorcic who I got here in his last times with a Rangers uniform before moving to Yankees; Minnesota Mark Davidson in a bunt-photo-card which I doooooooo like a lot! Make it dusty or bunty and I like it! And if he won the WS back in '87 with Twins it means this photo might be from that winning year. Like it even more!; and finally the Cub Damon Berryhill. The guy back in the photo looks like having an Atomic-Ant helmet.

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