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Card Chase Box - 1988 Donruss pack 3 and 4

And here I am back to the Card Chase box packs.

And by the title you can see that I'm going with the '88 Donruss packs again.

After posting about the 2 see-through-packs I'm going with the 2 wax packs I got.

I'm just posting the cards. Mainly because I forgot the puzzle pieces  somewhere in my room and cannot find them right now. That's how mess it is.

Danny Tartabull (Diamond King) - An other famous Donruss DK sketch. But at least this one didn't scare me. Danny here is with KC and was probably the best time of his career, and that's why he got the only ASG selection. After KC he was with Yankees but didn't make it that good. But he is one of my trending former/will-be Yankee player card.

Roberto Alomar SS@SD RC - "regarded by many as one of the best second basemen in MLB history." - I confess I didn't know that! And this is his RC! He is a HOF with a lot of awards and I will certainly make a post dedicated solo to him.

Vicente Palacios P@PIT RC - He was with Pirate division champions for three straight seasons. After that he didn't make it in the MLB and ended returning to México.

Nolan Ryan P@HOU - The great Nolan Ryan has his number retired by 3 of the 4 teams he represented. Only his rookie team didn't retired his number (Mets).

Robbie Wine C@HOU - He has a career BA of .146. Enough said...

Dwight Gooden P@NYM - Playing for Mets Dwight got a W-L record of 157-85. I don't know about you but I simple think that is awesome! And he also played for Yankees a couple of years right after leaving Mets and in his final career year.

Sid Fernandez P@NYM - "Fernandez had an unorthodox pitching motion with a hesitation at the end followed by a sudden slingshot sidearm delivery." - This reminds me of the Panenka penalty.

Jeff Musselman P@TOR - I own a few Jeff cards I'm noticing now. He didn't have one career to remember but he sure had cards.

Juan Nieves P@MIL - Nieves doesn't seem that happy. Or is he trying to scare off the collectors? Maybe he's trying to make scary face to the injury but got no lucky there. But he got a no-hitter to be remember of.

Jay Aldrich P@MIL - Weren't there an astronaut with a similar name?

Don August P@MIL - One-team-man.

Jack Morris P@DET - Have many awards and highlights throughout his career but not one single of them were in '88 season. None the same he almost was a one-team-man for Detroit.

Dave Bergman IF@DET - I said before and say again: I don't like seeing 'IF' in players position. I'm ok with 'OF' but not 'IF'. I'm that strange. Here Bergman was in his last career years which he started with my Yankees. But those '70s cards I think are quite difficult for me to get...

Mike Henneman P@DET - "[Mike] led Tiger relief pitchers in Wins and Earned Run Average in both 1987 and 1988"

Bruce Ruffin P@PHI - Bruce was promoted to Majors to replace Steve Carlton. That's some weight put on a young P shoulders.

Ken Griffey PF@ATL - WoW! My first Griffey father card! And I think the only one. Didn't know he played for Yankees! The '86 Griffey Yankee card would be an awesome Christmas present to myself.

Charles Hudson  P@NYY - '88 was second and last year for Hudson with NY and then he went to Tigers.

Gary Gaetti 3B@MIN - A photo from his WS champs year with the Twins. In '88 he would win one of the for Gold Glove Awards he got for 4 consecutive years ['86 to '89]

Ryne Sandberg 2B@CHC - HOF! And Cubs retired number. Looking good.

Bob Dernier OF@CHC - In '88 he should be with Phillies but here he's still with Cubs uniform and the card puts him in Cubs team too. Is there a '88 Dernier card with Phillies?

Mike Stanley C@TEX - He was one of those players ping-ponguing (just invented the word right now) between Yankees and Red Sox. Besides that he got a great photo to the '88 Donruss set. Not a C position but ok.

Paul Kilgus P@TEX - I think they took the photo after Paul has lunched. That redness...Perhaps was the Sun! Don't know but he would threw 3 shutouts that year.

Carlton Fisk C@CWS - A C in a C photo and even more is Fisk!? BINGO! I know he started in Boston. But then he saw the light.

Bob James P@CWS - So...The last James career year was '87 but still he got a card in (at least) one card set. If there are Rookie Cards should exist too Retirement Cards. This would be one of those.

Dave LaPoint P@CWS - I'm going to start a new collecting category: P photos in which they are with the throwing arm down starting the pitch.

Jeffrey Leonard OF@SF - He wore the double-0 number!

Dave Valle C@SEA - Valle ended his career with a .992 fielding percentage and a BA of .237. Better catching than hitting. Which should be better for a C?

Jamie Quirk C@KC - Quirk is making a surprised look like he wasn't expecting to have his photo taken. Or is it just disgusting for the photographer? None the same he fits my Yankees-trend. for just 1 year but he fits.

Nick Esasky 1B@CIN - Unlike Quirk Esasky look pretty happy to take the photo. '88 was his last year with the Reds.

Tommy Hinzo 2B@CLE - He played in '87 for Cleveland and again in '89. '88 is a hiatus in his only 2 MLB career years. Couldn't find any info about his '88 year. Did he played in Minors?

I liked to 'meet' the '88 Donruss set. I liked the design colours. And I confess that I played a bit trying to put cards together in order to get the red 'pipes' to connect. Lots of fun ehehe.

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