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Card Chase Box - 1988 Donruss pack 1

So lets see which other packs I got from the Card Chase Box. Got two see-one-of-the-cards-1988-Donruss-packs. Lets check the first one.

In the first pack there was Steve Balboni also a Yankee for 2 times (First from '81 to '83 and second from '89 to '90) but I got him precisely in between.

And so I ripped the first pack and the first card I see after the Balboni one is this:

I'm ok with drawings but this is just gross...Poor Calderon. I know he was once a Red Sox but he didn't deserve this. Oh well...on with the game.

3 Yankees! Alright! Besides Winfield (since I got his LAA card for '90 Score set I got pretty happy to have Dave wearing a Yankee uniform) I also got Gary Ward a two time All-Star Game player (even if he didn't have the best years as a Yankee) and Ron Guidry one of the Yankees' Captains! One-team-player and Captain for my Yankees and this card is a shinny bright little thing for me. #49 retired.

The other cards I got two Boston players: Clemens and Ellis Burks. The last started and ended his career with Red Sox while the first started as a Red Sox and ended as a Yankee. But I only have Boston cards of him...poor me.

Keeping my trend here comes a Jay Howell card in A's uniform after spending 3 years with Yankees. He also got a WS title with Dodgers in '88.

Next got precisely a Dodger, Mickey Hatcher "most notably, he was Kirk Gibson's replacement for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1988 World Series, batting .368 (7/19) with two home runs and five RBI." (info from wikipedia). It's like those bands with only a #1 hit and nothing else.

To end the first half I was a lucky girl and got Lou Whitaker. And in a great photo!

Now with the second half of the pack I got 3 puzzle pieces to complete the Stan Musial puzzle. It's a 40-something pieces puzzle. Lets see what I got in the next packs.

About the cards got Matt Young in his only year with LA and he pitched an unofficial no-hitter against the Indians. How can it be an unofficial? Was it during umpires lunch time?

Got 3 more Pitchers: Jerry Don Gleaton a RP for six different teams including here in Royals uniform; Todd Worrell, also a RP but with a more significant career including NL Rookie of the year in '86 and 3 All-Star selections; and finally Mark Williamson who have pitched (along with Bob Milacki, Mike Flanagan, and Gregg Olson) a no-hitter against Oakland back in '91. He was also a one-team-player, playing only for Baltimore Orioles.

To end this pack there was a Steve Kiefer with a career BA of .192. Hummm But he was a Yankee in his final year ('89) as a ML player so I might think of it.

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