quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2012

Panini 2012/2013 Liga Portuguêsa

I was a bit curious why Panini hadn't yet started selling the new stickers and album for the 2012/2013 season for Portuguese football league.

I was wishing it was because they were really improving the collection for this year.

I said 'wishing'.

But they really don't care about my wishes and so they have done the same all over again.

I like the cover main colour. It's my team's colour so I like it.

And if we count that Rúben Amorim is on loan from SLBenfica on Braga so we may say that we have two SLBenfica players on the cover! Even if I don't understand that away Braga uniform being green.

Love to see Salvio wearing the SLBenfica uniform again. Great player.

The stickers cases follow the colour.

And we have those packs with 10 stickers cases again.

From those 4 stickers examples I could see that there is no chrome sticker for the teams logo. I only see those chrome stickers on the UEFA Champions sticker collection. At least SLBenfica is there.

Then the players photo look always the same. And there is no states on the sticker it self. Only players' vital info.

Here is one page from my team. And even if the album and stickers were edited a bit later than usual they didn't updated the last transfers made on the deadline. That's why we still have Javi Garcia wearing the most beautiful uniform ever.

The only one thing that made me take a second look was the insert sticker of 'Top Stars'. I think I can call it that. It only appeared a couple of years ago in Panini football stickers.

This is how I wished all the album stickers were! I'm tired of all the ID photo kind. I want to see the players in action. Would love to see a flying goalkeeper sticker. Lovely.

So...Panini...I'm not making this year album again. And won't make UEFA Champions League too. From now on will only make FIFA World Cup albums. And that's only because we get stickers for the majority of countries around the globe.

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