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Card Chase Box - 1994 Select

Keeping the dig of my Card Chase box here it is one more pack. This time is a 1994 Select 12 card pack.

I don't know why but the pack colours make me think of Hawaii so I imagined the cards picturing players playing ball on the beach and diving for the catch on the sand.

Why not? If there is the normal football which is played in grass, then there is the indoor too and also beach football. Lets try play baseball on the beach too.

This was just me rambling.

Now the cards!

I grouped the rookies cards. Select call them '1994 Rookie Prospects' so I'm not sure if this really may count as their truly rookie cards like it stands for us now.

Mark Kiefer - I didn't know that Brewers logo but I like it. Mark didn't get much ML time and only played 3 years in MLB. The card says he was a Brewers top Pitching prospect but it seems he didn't make it. He's brother with Steve Kiefer.

Tony Longmire - Seemed like an OF for the future but only played 3 years with Phillies and had few AB. Even if he batted .356 in the last year in 59 games. He suffered from injuries. Could have made it big but maybe bad luck can explain why he didn't.

Gerald Williams - WoW A Yankee prospect! Made ML debut in '94 but was on '96 that he had his highest moment: "On May 1, he set a Yankees team record with 6 hits against Baltimore in a 15 inning game." (info from wikipedia). Can we have something like this in the playoffs? We can use something like this to beat the Orioles!

Mark Acre - For what says in his card it seems he used to dance on the mound to pitch the ball. Those clumsy moves are still present in many pitchers. Chris Sale (love him!) is a great pitcher but he does look like he's disjointing while pitching.

For what I checked I didn't get that good prospects. But I like the card front design. The back makes me read on diagonal and makes my neck hurt.

Now with the veterans.

Barry Bonds - Do I really have to say anything? On '94 he was already with SF and perhaps that's the reason why he's multiplied in a vertigo moment on this card. What is that people!? If the card was to be an holo-card please make it right! Not that...

Graeme Lloyd - I was missing *the* trend already. Here is an other future-Yankee.

Chili Davis - Hummm But the player that stands out in the photo is Hudler. Won 2 WS with Yankees in his last 2 years as a ML player. But I have to deal with the fact I have him in an Angles uniform.

Pete Harnisch - Had his best years with Astros but then an injure might have degraded his career from then on.

Rene Arocha - Playing for STL and SF makes me don't care much about a player and really Arocha didn't have much lucky in both of the teams. He only played in MLB for 5 years.

Chris Sabo - Ohhh the goggles! Nowadays we don't see those anymore which is really a shame! And he really needed them from what I can see in the card back photo. I do the same when I cannot see the bus right in front of me.

Spike Owen - Blast! Got Spike right the year after being in pinstripes! But eventually he got a career high .310 in 82 games for the Angels in '94.

Manuel Lee - My favourite card in the pack thanks to the photo. Jump Lee, jump! I like to see 2B plays immortalized in cards.

Mostly I enjoyed the pack mainly because getting base cards with horizontal design is a first for me. We get some horizontal action but it's not the design in itself. Here is. And we get 3 different photos of each player in this design. The stats on the back are not the best of it because I find it a bit difficult to read.

Other thing I liked is seeing the 'RP' (and there would be a 'CP - Closing Pitchers' as well) as a position to distinguish between the starting Pitchers and bullpen Pitchers.

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