quinta-feira, 18 de outubro de 2012

Yankees playoffs setback - Extra Inning post

It's been difficult to read any blog and even more check any card or pack to post about here, in this last days.

Too much work to do and so little time. I really wish I could have had access to this sports cards world when I was younger.

Now I have to coupe between spending so much time at work and with almost 101% attention to it without any break so I can open a pack, or organize my collection, or simple come to the web and check my Yankees playoffs results.

And what I saw it's bloody tearing me apart.

How can they be so careless on taking the games against Detroit in the most unprofessional way!

Are they tired that much that they are trying to lose as soon as possible!?

If you're a Yankee you have to honor the uniform. Outside and inside the diamond.

So play like a Yankee and win it for the fans!

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