segunda-feira, 5 de novembro de 2012

Black & White - Is that a bad thing?

I'm not talking about the video game with that name (which is great by the way - even after all these years), but I'm talking about nowadays cards in a retro B&W style.

I saw this image yesterday on Pinterest.

And the first thought that crossed my mind was that I'd love to have a card with this photo just like it is. In all its black and white splendor.

I saw some way back vintage cards that were B&W because they couldn't make it on colour. But the quality of those days black and white is not the same as today.

I also read about the joy of collectors when the first coloured cards came out.

I understand that. The colour brought them to life.

But thinking of the improvement in photo quality and so, I'd accept and love to see some kind of inserts that presented photos in B&W.

Just like this Jeter photo.

They couldn't put all rainbow colours on the border. That's a requirement! Or that would make the card lose all the impact.

the border should make contrast but not pop a persons' eyeball from the head.

I think I might and go and gimp the photo to make it look like a potential card.

So Topps, since you are the only ones left, think of making an insert set for next years Heritage or even the flagship set.

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