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Bobby Witt '90 cards

Today's post is again about 1990 cards.

I'm going through my Upper Deck and Fleer cards of that year and check if I have the same players in both sets.

So here is a Bobby Witt post.

First his '90 Upper Deck #636 card.

This front photo looks like it was taken for his school year book. But If I were a teen at the time I'd probably be goggling all over this photo.

He sure looks handsome and...oh wait...this is no 'Woman Perspective' post.

Sorry there.

I already said that I truly like this Upper Deck card design, and for what I could see at least in '91 they repeated it but with a bit more colour on the back and the bar on the front is not on the top but on the right side.

That brings me to the card back where we have a photo taken during a game. To compensate the 'female magazine' front photo.

He seems to be trying to crack the code the Catcher is telling him.

Now his '90 Fleer #315 card

And there we have an action photo for the front of the card.

It seems the player back on the field is running for the wall to catch the ball hit by the player at-bat.

I like imagining the play just by looking at the photo. Primarily because it's fun and then because I don't know when that happen and never saw it. Like I can read in some blogs where fellow bloggers say they remember a specific game or play by looking at the card photo.

I try to make my own memories from the cards I collect.

The card back is the normal Fleer card back design. No photo...but with that 'Did you know?' stuff that I like.

And for what I can read Witt didn't have much to be proud of.

But that particular stat that make me recognize Witt from the others is the 'Led AL in wild pitches'.

So when I hear or read about Bobby Witt I just go 'Ohhhh The Wild Pitcher!'.

That's who Witt is for me the 'Wild Pitcher'!.

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