sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

Black & White - Is that a bad thing? - take 2

I'm back.

Yesterday's post was me venting a bit.

All set to get back to the hobby.

I posted a couple of days ago a black and white Jeter photo that I liked and said I'd gimp it to be some kind of a card-looking-photo.

Actually I didn't gimp it but I paint it.

I really cannot get along with gimp like the way I did with photoshop.

So I reverted to basic tool that every windows PC has. Paint.

Here is the amateur result of it.

I like the diagonal design. I saw a few cards with it and have a few.

For example the 1993 Leaf set, the 'Godzilla' set, have only one corner 'cut'.

But I think the set that pop up always in my mind when talking about double-cut-corners is the 1989 Fleer set.

I like it. Even the gray background. Sadly I don't have any card from this set.

But I also like that year Fleer SuperStar look even with no gray.

This one kind of have both bottom corners on diagonal way. This set I have.

I like diagonal layout on cards because it gives somehow movement to the card.

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