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2007 Fleer Ultra - 3 packs opening

I usually get bonus from the sellers I buy from on eBay. Usually they use it as a bait to make us keep coming back for it.

Like a donkey and carrot.

But they can send it just as appreciation of us making business with them from all the people selling in eBay.

I like to think of it as appreciation.

So this intro to justify why I have 3 more 2007 Fleer Ultra packs to open and show to you.

I was searching on web for the main difference between Fleer (Tradition) and Fleer Ultra sets. For what I could find the Ultra cards had a higher quality stock and they used silver ink on it.

I only have a few Fleer cards which are from '90. The rest are all Fleer Ultra.

So on with the cards!

Edgar Renteria SS@ATL - I first knew about Renteria back in '09 because I got him in MLB Fantasy. He was already with the Giants with whom he would win WS and WS MVP title in the next year. Back in '07 he was with the Braves.

Derek Lowe P@LAD - Here with LA and it seems he was with my Yankees this past season. WoW! I really don't remember him pitching...I think I just missed those games.

Michael Cuddyer OF@MIN - Will be on my 'swing-all-the-way-like you're-jelly' collection.

Feliz Hernandez P@SEA - One of the chosen ones to figure on the perfect-game listing.

Travis Buck OF@OAK RC - That is Travis Buck!? Oh...I think I missed something...he's '12 Houston Astros self is quite different.

I thought that all rookie cards would be green. My mistake.

Jeff Francoeur OF@ATL

Adrian Gonzalez 1B@SD

Matt Cain P@SF - An other Cain card! That will be right on my Cain's collection making it an incredible 5 cards collection!

Micah Owings P@ARZ RC - A red rookie card? Weren't they supposed to be green? It seems they have both colours to RCs. If there is a pattern I couldn't find out. I like the cards in both colours but I tend to search for a pattern in everything.

Joaquim Arias SS@TEX RC - As you can see in the photo the Arias card has all that shinny-chrome-refractor-kind-of to the players name an Ultra logo. I noticed that from the moment I pulled the card from the pack but thought I was seeing things. It seems this is some kind of parallel card. I think this is one of the Gold Medallion cards "which have been stamped with gold colored holographic-foil" according to baseballcardpedia.com

Johan Smoltz P@ATL

Victor Martinez C@CLE - A Catcher at-bat.

Pedro Feliz 3B@SF - I like to admire the different poses players do at-bat. The result wished for the at-bat is the same but the way to get to it is quite different from player to player.

Adrian Beltre 3B@SEA

Lucky 13 Delmon Young OF@TB RC

This one really stands out.

This is kind of a sub-set of rookie cards in the set. There are 13 cards of Lucky 13 (really!?) and I got the last one of the sub-set and at the same time the last one of the base set.

This cards have different colour schemes too but I think this time around they have to do with the teams uniform colours.

This 3 packs are joining my other '07 pack I got as bonus a few time ago.

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