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1990 Upper Deck Brett Butler

Todays post is about '90 Upper Deck card #119.

At first I was confused to which player the card was dedicated.

Then I noticed the player that was lying down was a Padres' player.

That's the problem of intertwined letters logos and teams using same colour scheme.

I noticed the stripes after that too.

Well, after all this I knew Mr. Butler were the one standing.

Butler is ranked #122 in the List of Major League Baseball players with 2,000 hits with 2,375 hits.

Looking quite good this card!

I imagine this being a 2B play. Just don't know if Butler were safe or not. since he seems like returning to 2B from 3B side.

But what stands out to me in the photo is that little cloud of dust. There, upon the Giants logo.

This makes the card eligible to figure in my 'dust-is-in-the-air' collection.

And looking at the card back...

...I'm sure it would make my collection two times!

Brett is making more dust to fly!

If I were Upper Deck, I'd switch the photos. The back photo is great. I cannot get tired of looking at this beauty.

This might be a photo from the next play. I can picture Butler keeping safe in 2B and then in next play stilling 3B.

There is a small shadow next to the base but since I don't see any body part from a player I think it might be from the 3B umpire. And Brett would be safe!

Having cards with photos of players batting is always cool. But I love to see photos of players playing defense and running the bases.

Every beat makes the game.

And if the beat makes the dust go all around hell yehhhhhhhhhhh!

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